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Furthermore, many theories which attempt to unify gravity with the other three forces of nature invoke fundamental constants that are varying.”. Passionate in her belief that improved mental and emotional health holds the key to this possibility, she looked for new and better ways to help people. He canonically asks to be called male and is obsessed with learning to be more masculine and the male main character in a side story even basically confirms his gender and says he happy to have another “male friend” despite literally seeing Yukimura using the urinal standing up (but having to lower his pants due to his anatomy making it difficult to pee standing up just doing the usual unzip and pee method) and obviously seeing that Yukimura isn AMAB, but the story otherwise treats him like a typical “trp” character where the obsession over what his “true biological gender” is takes up a lot of his screen time. Borrowing against FDs is usually seen as the last option for companies facing liquidity issues, and Jet Airways’ negative net worth and credit rating cuts have left it with no other option.

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