About East Iceland Food

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East Iceland is a fertile area which enjoys a mild climate in the summer, and offers as much diversity in its landscape as well as in its food. The area includes fjords, which have for a long time thrived on fishing and the fishing industry, mountain areas and plains with rough landscapes and vegetation. FljA?tsdalshAi??raAi??, the area around EgilsstaAi??ir is known for its forestry and offers a different landscape shaped by the glacial lake of LagarfljA?t. From a food point of view, this is Icelandai???s wild side with reindeer, geese, and wild mushrooms as local ingredients.

The lamb in East Iceland varies in flavour depending on where the animals are bred, ranging from the seaside up to the mountains and everything in between. These flavours can be enjoyed in most restaurants from SeyAi??isfjAi??rAi??ur up to MAi??Ai??rudalur, where the smoked Icelandic lamb is still made with the greatest respect for the local tradition.

East Iceland is the oldest part of Iceland and locals refer to it as a cold area ai??i?? meaning that there is little geothermal activity. The soil is very fertile, as ash from numerous volcanoes has spread over the fields for centuries.

The area is now known for the cultivation of grain, in particular barley which is grown and processed for human consumption at the organic farm Vallanes, near HallormsstaAi??ur. Fjords like EskifjAi??rAi??ur are extremely rich with berries that grow high up in the mountains overlooking the small villages down by the coast.

The wild East side of Iceland has a lot to offer travelling gourmets.
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